Chamber, tunnel and belt dryers for fruit and vegetable drying

They are used for fruit, vegetable and herbal drying. When processed in chamber or tunnel dryers the chopped up fruits, vegetables or herbs are placed in trays, which are arranged on shelves or carts in the drying chamber. When processed in belt dryers the product is moved continuously through the drying chamber, spread on stainless steel belt. The air serving method we apply with transport and chamber dryers has many advantages compared to other wide used methods:

  • Blowing the product away is prevented allowing air speed increase leading to drying time reduction in the very beginning of the process, when the product temperature must be under specific limits.
  • Drying process is intensified especially in the first drying period when air speed is main conditional variable;
  • Equal distribution of the drying agent to the whole surface of the belt or trays. Dead zones and local overheating of material are prevented;
  • Loading density on trays or belt is raised by 30%.
CHD 24 CHD 50 СКМ 3-1 TD 5 BD 200 BD 400
Capacity for row onion, kg/24 h 700 1500 2000 7000 7500 9500
Capacity for dry onion, kg/24h 95 200 270 950 1000 1270
Tray area, m2 24 50 17 320 - -
Heating power, kW 55 90 120 300 310 350
Electric power, kW 2,5 5 4,4 18 22 44
Dimensions, mm 2500х1400