Our technology center provides technical support to manufacturers, users and marketers of dried products in food, chemical and biotechnological industries. It involves transfer of existing research information, technical training, providing solutions/information on technical product applications issues and conducting targeted short-term projects to address specific applications needs including new food, chemical and biotechnological product development. Approximately 200 m2 of processing area is available in the pilot plant facilities for all traditional unit operations for the manufacture of dried foods. Applications support and specialized analytical capabilities for analyses of dried foods and ingredients are also available. The pilot plant equipment installed in the work areas is of the smallest feasible design to yield indicative results suitable for scale up to commercial size equipment. All necessary allied accessory items are available. TCT Ltd technology center provides the best opportunity for developing and testing of new products and new processes, along with incorporating new ideas into current processes. TCT's laboratory specialists can provide you with quick and low-cost assessments of process and product development, as well as custom analytical procedures and product quality testing. We can also provide assistance and training for specially developed equipment designed and constructed at TCT Ltd.

The feasibility test is the first step in determining the right equipment to be used in the design process. If data does not already exist in our extensive product files, the feasibility of processing a material can be determined with quantities as small as ten liters of liquid or five kilograms of solid material. Feasibility tests are conducted at no charge to the customer. If a process appears feasible, pilot testing can be conducted to obtain heat and mass transfer and other engineering data needed for the design process. The cost of process equipment is quoted to customers with a process guarantee upon successful completion of pilot testing.

A TCT pilot center will also reveal some troubles and other unforeseen process problems, allowing corrections to be made while still in a low-cost environment. Along with test data, our pilot center can provide small production batches for analysis, test markets or specialty markets. During testing our pilot equipment can also serves as a small-scale training facility for your plant operators and supervisors.