Roasters for nuts and coffee beans

The instalation is used for roasting nuts and other small products: peanuts, coffee, almonds, hazelnuts, sesame, sunflower seeds, etc. It can be used, also, for thermal treatment of grains against germination. The process is carried out in fluidized bed of the processed product. The method used for heat transfer guarantees soft influence of the drying agent on the processed product which defines less protein denaturation compared to products roasted in drum roasters. This leads to equal distribution of fats in the nut volume and in material cells which prolongs many times the preservation period and rises the quality of the final product. The method is suitable when roasting nuts are used for peanut butter or paste because the separation of the fats from the whole mass in long preservation periods is reduced to minimum.

Working chamber capacity, kg 8 20 35 70
Capacity for peanuts, kg/h 80 200 300 620
Electric heating power, kW 7.5 - 150 depending of heating source
Dimensions, mm 2000х1500х2400 4500х2000х2600 4500х2300х3000 5500х3100х3200