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Heating & Drying Equipment Ltd is an engineering company established in the beginning of 1996 by Professor Dr. Eng. Vladimir Elenkov - a leading specialist in the field of drying and drying equipment and having more than 35 years of experience and Professor Dr. Eng. Todor Djurkov specialist in the field of process engineering and food equipment industrial management with 36 years experience. Both of them have developed and implement in production many patents, apparatuses and installations for food and bio-products processing. In recent years, Dipl. Eng. MSc George Djurkov is included with 12 years of experience in the field of food technology and machinery for food processing. The company has at its disposal a laboratory and pilot equipment for testing various kind of products with the aim of process optimization and energy consumption decrease.

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Drying Process

Worldwide, the drying units consume between 13-15 % of the total quantity of energy produced. That is why, the correct choice of the type of equipment and the optimum counted drying process can considerably decrease the product cost price. Because of the grate variety of materials subjected to drying, the drying equipment is projected for every given product. The type of drying equipment depends on the physical condition of the material processed, on the thermal, structural-mechanical and capillary characteristics of the drying objects, and on some other factors. The construction of drying equipment has a grate influence upon process energy consumption, and there from upon processed product cost price. In world practice, a dozen of main types of drying equipment are used, the sub-types being tens and hundreds. When selecting the concrete structure of drying equipment, we are lead by a number of criteria, the main being three: Detailed study of the processed material as a drying object in order to minimize the amount of energy consumed per unit of processed product and maximum good quality of the final product

Detailed study of the processed material as a drying object

A minimum quantity of energy consumed per unit of product processed;

End product with a maximum high quality;