Materials processed with fluidized bed dryers:

  • Sugar , seasalt, coals, peas, apples and cube-chopped potatoes, canaster, nuts, etc..

Materials agglomerated with fluidized bed apparatus:

  • Animal feeds, baby foods, caseinate, cheese, chocolate milk, cocoa, powdered sugar, cream, detergents, dyes and pigments, enzymes, fish protein, garlic, onion, gelatin, maltodextrine, mashed potatoes, pectin, polyethylene, whole and skim milk, vitamins, wheat flour, whey, yests etc.

Materials processed with spray dryers:

  • Milk, whole and skim milk, yogurt, cheese, casein hydrolisatum, lactose, soy and malt milk, maize and malt extract, whey, whey protein, cream, buttermilk, eggs yolk, white and melange; blood, albumins, blood plasma, bouillon, meat extracts and glandular extracts, gelatin, agar-agar, antibiotics, bananas, brewery yeasts, enzymes, amino acids, fruit juices and pulps, latex, clays, starch, pectin, vegetable extracts, soy protein, coffee and tea extracts, tomato and pepper pulp, pigments, detergents, nitrates, caolin, bentonite, honey bee and vinasseetc.

Materials processed with flash dryers:

  • Ethanol distiller's grains, Soybean protein, Wheat starch, Wheat bran, Starch, Triticin, Gel starch, Corn oil residue, Mushed Bean, Glucose, Brewer’s spent grains.

Materials processed with chamber, tunnel and band dryers:

  • Onion, carrots, garlik, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, leeks, mushrooms, peas.
  • Apples, pears, plum, peaches, apricot, grapes, brier, cherries, morello, melon, pumpkin, bananas.

Materials processed with rotary dryers:

  • Sugar, salt, apple and sugar beet pomace, coals, wood bran and shavings, canaster.